IASIS Micro Current Nuerofeedback (MCN)

IASIS MCN supports the autonomic nervous system's development while gently changing the existing neuropathways that are perpetuating these unfavorable tendencies. Symptoms frequently diminish or disappear when the brain reorganizes itself into more functional and adaptive patterns. 

On the head and neck, electrodes are judiciously positioned during an IASIS MCN therapy session. MCN is a cutting-edge, noninvasive technique that uses an EEG device to give short microcurrent stimulation (3 Pico, or 3 trillionths of a watt). This aids in the brain's and nervous system's ongoing reorganization into patterns that are more functioning. 

IASIS MCN is regarded as a treatment that is both successful and painless for adults and kids. Clients frequently report greater calmness, more restful sleep, and improved mental focus within the first few sessions.

IASIS MCN has been shown to be helpful for individuals with the following types of problems:






Cognitive Issues

Foggy Brain


Emotional Reactivity/Impulsivity



Poor focus/attention

 Traumatic Brain Injury

Therapy using microcurrent neural feedback 

Treatment without surgery for severe neurological disorders 


Trauma, stress, and illness can activate the brain's fight-or-flight response and have a long-lasting effect on normal brain function. 

Low-level electromagnetism is used in Micro Current Neurofeedback to disrupt neural patterns in the brain and cause them to be reset. 

Treatment with neurofeedsack dramatically lowers the bran waves linked to both PTSD and m-T81.

85%-90% Success Rate: 85%-90% of respondents see improvements as early as the first 1-3 sessions, including fewer symptoms. 

First completed university and VA study using IASIS Micro Current Neurofeedback, representing image-based evidence in 30–40 minute non-invasive comfortable seated sessions 

A state of relaxation that is safe and effective for resetting delta waves has been approved by the FDA.

Despite the MCN signal's weakness, it can affect brainwaves in a way that can be measured without the recipient of the feedback even being aware of it. The predominant brainwave frequency and this feedback frequency are correlated. The power distribution of the EEG amplitude varies in response to this feedback frequency. As a result, the brain and nervous system are in a different state of brainwaves and are much better able to govern themselves. 

MCN is a form of direct feedback that is invisible to the customer and requires no deliberate effort. MCN is still not fully understood, like many medications, but at the very least, it has a significant impact on the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems as well as the central nervous system. There are yet unidentified ways that brain chemistry is impacted.