My areas of specialties are in Sensory Processing/Self-regulation, Houston Eating Disorder Specialist, Certified IMAGO relationship/couples therapy, Certified EMDR Therapist.
     I have been working in Occupational Therapy for the past 27 years specializing in Sensory Processing Disorder. I have helped many individuals and families manage symptoms that come with sensory processing issues; such as: autism, ADHD ,ADD, Eating Disorders, cutting, bipolar, behavior and emotional difficulties disrupting daily life. I have paired the sensory work with my counseling skills, as an LPC and LMFT, as a Certified EMDR and Imago Therapist. EMDR, Imago, and Sensory work are effective counseling techniques in managing difficult behaviors, emotions and labels that may accompany these challenging situations. I have developed an effective expertise with Eating Disorder s, Addiction, Trauma, Attachment Disorders, ADHD, OCD, and other diagnoses that have been difficult to treat and master. I used IMAGO relationship/couples Therapy along with these modalities to help rekindle or help develop the bond, trust and connection with others.
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